A New Jersey native, I was born to a blue collar family. My Mother had immigrated to the US in the 70s from Poland and my Dad had a talent for restoring classic cars. This later explains my affinity towards shooting classic cars and bikes as well as family and kids.  I'm a regular at "The Race of Gentlemen" and also quick to take off to the playground or Jiu-Jitsu with my son.  As a child I was fascinated with old movies, like the "Gone with the Wind" classic, and many more. I adored that magic feeling I would get once completely immersed in a film and those camera angles and moods have always stuck with me. I convinced my mother that Id be famous one day and even changed my name in preschool at age five. Much of my early work was on her Polaroid, but by the time I was in high school, I graduated to film in a dark room. Originally, Iā€™d intended to go to college for film studies, but continued my education at OCC with emphasis on film and photography always leaning towards that magic feeling in my gut to create or design. I later attended Full Sail University Orlando, FL in 2004. I decided on a degree in film, despite strong opposition for obvious reasons. This was the best way to actualize the daydreaming of my childhood. I worked many places and on many gigs after graduation, and later returned to NJ in 2007 at a loss for what my next step would be. I began shooting stills again after finding a note from a photography instructor from my time at Full Sail. It said "keep shooting".  It was the encouragement I needed, at the time it was needed . Soon after that a friend from high school invited me to be a camera operator on an independent film, thanks Kevin. My first wedding was in 2011 as an assistant. In late 2012 I met my best friend, mentor, and hero Tim C. of Timothy Martin photography. This was the most significant point in my life professionally. I was blessed with Tim for only a short time but continue to carry a part of him with me always, especially when I lift that camera to my eye. I intend to continue pushing that shutter button until my fingers stop working. It's all about passion or nothing at all..